Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm still feeling happy happy joy joy, but today was a bit tougher. Gosh darn it...I will be the girl who is always smiling and says she's "Wonderful" when someone asks in the hall! But today, I'm having my doubts.

Have you ever had someone mistake you for someone else who you thought was entirely unattractive? Well, the third person at my place of employment (which I won't mention since that got me in trouble before) mistook me today for another woman in the department. This other woman, forgive me, has a freakin' horse face! Sure, she's blonde. And yes, she might be about the same height as me. Beyond that, I'm offended. I know that's terrible, but if we really look that similar, I'm just sad.

Second, I received my first "rejection" from the matchmaker. Let me tell you how it works basically. After you fork over the cash, you get photos, and then after you wait not so patiently, you receive profiles of possible matches. You choose who you'd like to consider as a match, and then they are contacted and consider you for a match. One of the men I chose did not choose me. Now, I realize that this is completely ludicrous to feel rejected. I mean, maybe he didn't like my age. Maybe he hates blondes. Whatever! But the wonderfully polite email I received from the service saying he had "graciously declined" sent me straight to the refrigerator. Thank goodness all I've got in there is sugar free Jello pudding. Sixty calories worth of rejection thank you very much.

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