Monday, May 17, 2010

Goals are Just Like Another "To Do" List

Don't get me wrong. I like "to do" lists.  However, there's a certain amount of guilt that comes along with making a list and NOT accomplishing everything on it.  So, part of me wants to let myself relax a little and enjoy the next few weeks without sheer panic of "how am I going to pay for law school??" and "what the heck am I going to do for a job???"  But let's be real.  I overanalyze.  I'm a workaholic.  I need lists.  I give you my summer Goal/To Do list.  But here's the caveat.  If I don't accomplish these things, I'm letting myself off the hook.  These things would all be "nice" to do, but they aren't entirely necessary.  By the way, V and Carly inspired this exercise with their lists....

1.  Eat better.  I try to do this, but I often fail when living alone because cooking for myself is sad.  Right now I'm trying the "eat five times a day" smaller meals thing.  I'm also trying to up protein in my diet.  I'll keep you updated.  Tonight for dinner I had whole wheat pasta with broccoli, edamame, and walnuts.  Go me!

2.  Run in a sports bra.  That's right, just a sports bra (and shorts of course). Hey, I'm not getting any younger.  And the fact is that I'm in pretty darn good shape right now.  I work out six or seven days a week.  I have something resembling abs.  And I see those crazy Slippery Rock runners all over town in a sports bra.  Maybe I won't do this in Mt. Oliver, but I will do it!

3.  Read more.  Like, you know, things I actually enjoy!

4.  Get out more, drink more, be social.  I'm not doing too badly at this.  (Laura, you need to help me here!)

5.  Prepare for law school.  I've bought a few books, downloaded a few classes, etc.

6.  Ride horses.

7.  Run a few road races.

8.  Send out the best possible book manuscript I can.  By the way, I realized a few days ago in my wallowing that if Mo and I hadn't split (thank goodness we did of course) that I likely never would have gone to Colrain to get my manuscript revised, never have published a chapbook, never have met some new friends, etc.  So, here's to all the other good things that will soon happen because of our parting ways!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catching Up

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur, so let me just give you the highlights. 
I really decided I needed to get away, so I jumped in my parents' car (better gas mileage) and headed to Colrain, Massachusetts for a poetry manuscript conference, where I met some fantastic people and new friends! The pictures here are from that trip and the amazing "Round House" we stayed in. The great news here is that when I returned home, I sent out a chapbook manuscript, which will be published in the next few months from Pudding House Press.  Also, I got a new job with American Intercontinental University (online) and interviewed at Strayer University as well.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that it's just been a tough few weeks emotionally. Mo and I were supposed to get married this week.  I found a card in my nightstand saying how we'd spend the rest of our lives together from him, and it just made me mad at the ability we humans have to fool ourselves.  My parents are leaving for St. Martin (where we were supposed to enjoy our honeymoon) on Saturday, so I'll be pretty alone here.

Also, I had to clean out my office from my last job.  It was strange without anyone even saying goodbye.  I've never really left a place of work except to move on to something better.  Right now I'm working my butt off doing miscellaneous jobs, but no health insurance, I still know very few people in this city, and only more debt (law school) to look forward to.  It's not exactly where I'd like to be, but I suppose at least I'm on a road to somewhere.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Page

Ok, just to be confusing, I have a new webpage for more "professional" information.  Check it out!