Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Days 2 and 3 of Orientation (or) When Law Students Smell Blood

Let me just say this now: it is exactly like they show on t.v. 

I know Shark Week is over, but apparently no one told the law students.  Every time a bleach-blonde Louis Vuitton-carrying stiletto-wearing gum-chewing overachiever raises her hand, I see fins and teeth.  Apparently they have psyched us out so much for law school that there's no reason for the professors to send out the bait.  We tear each other apart!

Yesterday was my first "Torts" class.  The professor walked in and started grilling people.  It was apparent pretty quickly that no one was going to wait to get called on.  They practically swam out of their seats to get at him!

Today was my first "Legal Research and Writing" course.  At 9 a.m. we started.  At 9:01 the first question was thrown out: "Miss R., define the term 'law' for me."  (Miss R. was me...) Hey, at least I answered and didn't drown. 

Things I overheard today from other law students:
* "Can you believe that guy is in law school.  I mean, he's like THIRTY!"
*  "She looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal.  I wonder if she knows that!"  (This was whispered about me.  I think they're all afraid of me because they've all figured out I have a PhD.)
*  "Like, I have had to turn down three dates already today from guys because I am a law student now."
* "My Mom/Dad/Aunt/Uncle/Brother/Dog is a lawyer, so I will be okay."  Keep telling yourself that one buddy :)

Here's the crazy thing.  I love it!  I love it in a way I never once felt during my MFA or PhD.  I like the reading.  I like getting called on.  I like what we're learning.  I'm just going to lay low for now, circle the school, and wait for the perfect moment.  I always did like seafood.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Orientation Day 1 (or) If Only I Could Be a Cougar

Do I hang out with the obnoxious twenty-somethings who make fun of the professors and bet on who will drop out first?  Or do I hang out with the terrified 30 and 40 somethings who seem either afraid of their own shadow or positive they are law student superstars?  It might seem like an insignificant question, but it's my question of the day.

I talked to a few of the older students.  They're all self-concious, talking about LSAT scores, worried about rent and traffic, etc.  And then there's the cute boy (who's only 23) who I can talk to about sports and bars or the marathon.  And of course, it helped my ego that he had no idea I was THIRTY! :)  I think I'll stick with the boys.

Beyond the "who to hang out with" question, the main priorities seem to be:
-scaring the heck out of us
-piling on the work
-pampering us with food and gifts
-confusing the heck out of us

So far, so good.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Can Do This

I have ridden a wild mustang, gone cliff diving in Jamaica, driven a race car at 200 miles an hour, moved to Florida when I was 21, and run 26 miles.  Certainly, I should be able to survive the first day of law school, right?

Let me tell you about the awful beginning I've had so far.  Actually, let me not tell you about it.  Let's just say I skipped the first two "optional" events.  Tomorrow, it begins.  I mean, it really really begins.  I cannot skip it.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect student loans. 

It doesn't matter that I've done this a million times before.  It doesn't matter that the University of Florida was much bigger and more terrifying.  I can do this.

Wish me luck.  Here goes nothing :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Short List

Okay, these events make my short list for the last two weeks or so:
1.  Spent birthday at home crying into my homemade margarita
2.  Spent day before my birthday arguing with ex that won't go away
3.  Spent day after birthday eating gnocchi and ice cream cake :)
4.  Had someone pay me 400 dollars to take her horse (It was a horse I was training anyway, but uhm, okay)
5.  Did not go to first law school event (baseball game).  I am a giant chicken.
6.  Made red raspberry freezer jam for the first time.
7.  Got stood up twice in the last week from the same friend.  Ack!
8.  Heard from another ex on my birthday who I was hoping had crawled under a rock and died (Why do all the freaks come out on August 7th?)
9.  Did I mention I went to Florida? (will post pictures)
10.  Get to see the new hockey arena on Sunday!!!!
11.  Less than 48 hours to law school and I'm about to lose it!