Monday, August 16, 2010

Orientation Day 1 (or) If Only I Could Be a Cougar

Do I hang out with the obnoxious twenty-somethings who make fun of the professors and bet on who will drop out first?  Or do I hang out with the terrified 30 and 40 somethings who seem either afraid of their own shadow or positive they are law student superstars?  It might seem like an insignificant question, but it's my question of the day.

I talked to a few of the older students.  They're all self-concious, talking about LSAT scores, worried about rent and traffic, etc.  And then there's the cute boy (who's only 23) who I can talk to about sports and bars or the marathon.  And of course, it helped my ego that he had no idea I was THIRTY! :)  I think I'll stick with the boys.

Beyond the "who to hang out with" question, the main priorities seem to be:
-scaring the heck out of us
-piling on the work
-pampering us with food and gifts
-confusing the heck out of us

So far, so good.  Stay tuned!

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