Friday, August 13, 2010

Short List

Okay, these events make my short list for the last two weeks or so:
1.  Spent birthday at home crying into my homemade margarita
2.  Spent day before my birthday arguing with ex that won't go away
3.  Spent day after birthday eating gnocchi and ice cream cake :)
4.  Had someone pay me 400 dollars to take her horse (It was a horse I was training anyway, but uhm, okay)
5.  Did not go to first law school event (baseball game).  I am a giant chicken.
6.  Made red raspberry freezer jam for the first time.
7.  Got stood up twice in the last week from the same friend.  Ack!
8.  Heard from another ex on my birthday who I was hoping had crawled under a rock and died (Why do all the freaks come out on August 7th?)
9.  Did I mention I went to Florida? (will post pictures)
10.  Get to see the new hockey arena on Sunday!!!!
11.  Less than 48 hours to law school and I'm about to lose it!

1 comment:

  1. Awww...happy birthday! Sorry it was rough at times and the exes kept popping up. Good luck with your first week of classes. You can do it!