Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Painting My Nails Red Because I Can

What did I do today? Honestly, I just tried to get through the day. And I was doing pretty darn good until I found out that Mo (see earlier posts) had contacted my friend online to ask how I was doing. This initially threw me for a loop. He cared! He cared! Ah... but that would make too much sense. Turns out, it's just that he was making himself look like the good guy. You know, "I wasn't the one who gave up," and "She's the one being crazy" kind of stuff. It's very simple buddy. One week ago you loved me and wanted to marry me. Today you "care" not love me, and not once did you ever face me to tell me that you might not want to get married. Ok, now that I've got that out. Not only that. You also put my sweet friend in the awkward position of having to call me and tell me that you had contacted her. Let me just count the ways I hate you a bit more each day.

The most exciting part of the day was absolutely, Snowmageddon! It has snowed at least 6-8 inches since this afternoon here in Pittsburgh. And it's that wonderful thick like cookie dough snow that gets in your socks and freezes your ankles on the way to the mailbox. In fact, the blue sparks shooting from the transformers on my street seem to indicate that I may not have power for much longer. So, while I wait for the end, I'm blogging and painting my nails an obnoxious shade of red (just because Mo always liked them unpainted).

Anyone have any tips for self portraits? I got a digital SLR for Christmas, and I'm in serious need of some shots for various projects, but I did try to take some pics this evening, and didn't have much luck. Any of these decent enough?

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