Sunday, April 4, 2010

Somewhere in Pittsburgh...

the Stanley Cup is safe tonight.  How do I  know?  Well, for the last five hours it was (partially) my responsibility!

I have been looking for a perfect volunteer opportunity in Pittsburgh for a while.  In the past I've worked in animal shelters, reading programs, environmental programs....  but a few weeks ago I signed up to volunteer at the Heinz History Center, an amazing place including a sports museum in the 'burgh.  And wouldn't you know, the Stanley Cup along with 10 other trophies has been in the museum the last few days.

They needed volunteers to help watch the Cup, take pictures, etc. and if there's a more perfect volunteer opportunity in the world for me I can't imagine it!  How cool that I just spent the evening from seven until midnight hanging out with Penguins and hockey nuts talking and sharing Cup stories.

No, I don't have pictures.  But I don't care.  Standing next to the Hart Trophy and the Lady Byng was so worth it.  The Prince of Wales trophy was outstanding!  And at the end of the night they rushed the Cup off to some "safe" place for hockey fans to enjoy another day.

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