Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Does Anyone Know How to Keep Busy WITHOUT Working?

Today was kind of a tough day.  Nothing terrible, just a few minor things that threaten to throw off the delicate balance that is my sanity.  I got an invitation to my younger cousin's wedding today.  I am happy for her!  But I couldn't help but think I was planning on being married next month, and we were going to go to her wedding together.  Can I really go alone?  The bread I made didn't rise.  Running hurt like hell.  I have no job in three weeks.  I'm frustrated with not being able to get my manuscript published, my students are just at that point when all they do is yell at me and hate me, and I definitely got to the point that all I wanted to do was drink soda and eat doughnuts.  That's my low point.

So, when I'm stressed, I work.  Most of you know I teach at Slippery Rock, I teach online courses, I grade SATs, I work for Smarthinking tutoring, I work for another grading company, and so on.  And yes, I do all of these things almost every day.  I also work out 1-2 hours a day, have taken on volunteering at the history center museum, ride horses, cook, go to hockey games, take care of the house with new projects (it's spring and the garden needs planted...), etc. etc. etc.  The truth is that this is the first time I've sat down all day.  This is what I do.  I work until I can work no more.  So, being busy is my way of coping, but I pay for it by exhausting my body and mind.

But what's the alternative?  I could sit on my butt and watch t.v.  Even that I can't do, because I want to be working on my course online, reading, grading, or otherwise multitasking when watching television.   Someone please tell me.  What am I supposed to do that's relaxing and yet still "doing something." What do you do to relax!?

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  1. Well, see, I have the opposite issue; I have too many hobbies and very little time for them. I find painting, drawing, knitting, baking, etc, all very relaxing. I hear you about not being able to just sit and watch TV though. I can't either. (Ask Cuddy.) Do you like to listen to music, have a glass of wine, and read a good book (or even a magazine)? What about a nice, long bubble bath or just taking a drive?

    Sorry you're so stressed. I think it's easy to get pulled into a "constantly doing" mode, but it certainly doesn't help your sanity. :(

    As far as the wedding goes, as hard as it will be, go, be strong... and who knows what might happen. My sister met her husband at a wedding! :D

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon!!