Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yinz Aren't Going to Believe This One

Guess what I did today?  I went to church.  Okay, most of you probably don't realize how big of a deal that is, but I haven't ever willingly gone to a church in my life.  Some of my hatred of organized religion is based on early experiences, and I admit that they're my own personal prejudices.  However, I found my way this morning to the UU Church in South Hills: Sunnyhill.  I almost turned around in the parking lot and drove home, but I made it in.  I met many welcoming and wonderful people, and I think I'm going to try visiting the UU church on the North Side that supposedly is focused on social justice before I make any commitments, but it was an adventure for me today!  Also, I submitted my deposit to attend Writing Between the Lines in Kenya next December.  That's right, Kenya!  I received a fellowship to the Summer Lit. Seminar programs, and I'm just so excited for the safari portion of the trip.  Is is awful that I'd rather take pictures than write poetry?!

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  1. This all sounds awesome! I'm a lot like you when it comes to church, and I've been really meaning to try the UU church here. More than anything, I just long for a community of some sort.

    I am excited to hear about how the Kenya trip goes! It sounds so exciting.