Monday, April 18, 2011

Not That Kind of Intern

And so the first year of law school is rapidly coming to an end.  One more week of classes and then final exams.  Please please keep me in your thoughts for the next few weeks.  What happens in these exams will ultimately determine whether I choose to remain in law school.  Financially, good grades will make all the difference.

On a more interesting note, I had my first day of my internship this weekend with a professional baseball team which shall not be named :)  Of course, if you want to know, just ask, but I don't want to blab their name all over my blog and be "found out."  Oh, didn't I mention I'd be staring at baseball players all summer?  Ahem!  That's right.  If I accomplished nothing else this year, I stalked a professional baseball team long enough for them to give me an internship.

This Saturday was an open house for the team where season ticket holders were able to pick up their tickets, the community could see the field, etc.  There was popcorn, national anthem tryouts, silly string, and inflatable games.  And yet...  it was nowhere near as much fun as it sounds!  It was freezing, raining, full of people who smelled, and those national anthem singers??  Four hours straight of phlegm, croaking, and squealing.  Help me!  I hope I have better news to report about my internship experience soon!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and oh....I have some big news about poetry I hope to post soon.  Stay tuned!!!

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