Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Murphy's Law is More Important than Any Other in Law School

Is this you?  You're jogging along, feeling darn good about your energy, your ability, the beautiful day, and CRACK!  Where did that boulder come from?  Well, it's me.

I was cruising along in law school, unafraid of the big bad law school professor, feeling like I knew what was going on ....avoiding the boulders of not being prepared for class....  and CRASH.  It still got me.

This morning in the class with definitely the scariest law professor in the school, I was minding my own business, feeling darn good because I half understood what was going on, and I'd already been called on, so I assumed I was safe....  He points to the back of the room..."YOU!  The girl who thinks this is funny!  What do you think?"  I didn't answer.  I had no idea he was pointing at me.  The girl behind me said, "Me?"  "NO!  He bellowed.  YOU!"  At this point I'm getting the idea it might be me.  But wait, I hadn't said a word?  Was I sleeptalking in class?  Possible.  But no, I was wide awake.

"Me?"  I say.  "Yes, YOU.  The one who is busy having a conversation while I'm trying to talk."  What in the world is going on I'm now thinking?  Am I losing it?  So, I stutter out something that makes no sense, he makes fun of me, and life goes on.  Or does it?  Right now I'm hiding in the student union rather than the law school because everywhere I go people bring it up.  I do sit near the back of the room, so the other 80 people in class didn't actually see what was going on.  They assume I was the loud mouth, and I got called on.  And I'm an idiot. Ack. 

Sigh...I know it doesn't matter.  But I'm getting sick of saying, "It wasn't me!"  I guess it's all good practice for becoming a defense attorney?  Practice for becoming a heartless jerk?  Practice for growing an iron shell?  If it can go wrong, it will.  Back to reality.

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