Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Law School Day 8 (or) Socrates is My Frenemy

Do you know how law school works?  Have you seen a movie where some poor law student stands and is verbally abused by a professor asking outrageous questions all in the name of the "Socratic Method?"   Well, those movies aren't far from the truth.

I already mentioned that on Day 1, class 1, I was called on, but that was an "easy" question.  Now the real fun begins.  I've been "lucky" so far, and I haven't been called on, but well, as they say, every dog has his day. 

Today I was called on in Property.  Some people get easy questions like: Please give me the facts of the case, or please give me the procedural history.  Trust me, these are usually easy because you "should" have the answers right in front of you in your homework. 

Here was MY first question (this is not a joke):

Professor X:  John owns a watch and loses it on Monday.  On Tuesday, David finds it.  On Wednesday, Susie steals it from David.  She then proceeds to lose it, and on Friday, Terry finds it.  Susie sues Terry for the watch.  Who will win?

I won't bore you with the answer.  Let's just say, after five or ten minutes of policy, rules, arguments, etc., I had the answer.  Well, I had the answer from the start actually, and I was able to answer all of the professor's question.  I thought more in those ten minutes than I did in all of grad. school. What has my life become?

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