Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Really Truly Karma?

Someone who I barely know told me the other day that this was going to be "my year."  I don't know what that means, but today feels pretty darn good.

I am a decent teacher I think.  I've won some awards, and I've gotten some pretty nice praise.  But I've never really loved doing it.  I enjoy moments of it, but I always feel like there's more that I can do.  There's a good chance that at some point I'll teach something again, but right now...I'm not a teacher!!!  Ok, well I'm cheating a little.  I am teaching four online courses...  But I don't have to dress like a teacher!  I don't have to duck in the halls from other faculty members who don't like me.  I don't have anyone yelling, screaming, crying, or puking in my office.  True, now I have to dress like a lawyer and be a poor student again, but at least for today, that feels good.

I don't consider myself to be wishy-washy.  I'm pretty good at making decisions. But I also like to leave my options open.  That's what I've been doing about jobs for the last few years.  I just take everything that comes my way, and do waaaaay too much.  But last night my brain/body wouldn't let me do it anymore, and get this...  I think I was rewarded today for trying to be a little bit human and not work too much.

When I called Duquesne to ask them to consider switching me to a day student, they said they'd be happy to do that.  Not only that, as a day student I am eligible for half my tuition paid the first year and almost all of my tuition paid each subsequent year provided I maintain certain grades.  Seriously!?  That's all I had to do?!  Why did no one tell me this!?  I don't know what my brain/body knew that I didn't, but the decision to not go back to SRU was awesome.  Good news!

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